18 Days Old: Evening Update

Olivia had a very quiet day. We had a new nurse during the day who was wonderfully attentive and affectionate with our little girl. She even suggested a couple of new toys to keep Olivia entertained during her awake times. The “fish tank” plays a random assortment of songs, and kept Olivia absolutely fascinated for over 30 minutes.

A child life specialist stopped by as well this afternoon, and left behind a few more toys that we’ll introduce another day. Her goal is to ensure we’re keeping some semblance of “normalcy” around Olivia amidst all of the medicine. Her toys include a mirror to position above Olivia so she can check herself out, a tactile learning tool (a blanket made of different textures to put in Olivia’s hands), and some jingly toys (but not a full mobile) to put overhead.

On the medicinal front: respiratory rate went back up to 45, no changes to feeds or medicines. We did not see Dr. C as we had hoped, so we’ll wait and see if she visits tomorrow.

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