20 Days Old: Morning Rounds


Rise and shine, from wide eyed Olivia.

This morning Luke arrived early at the hospital, to find a wide awake little girl. Mary Ellen (our nurse) had just given Olivia her first bed bath! The little one was pretty sweaty and stinky from 3 weeks of life, and her hair was greasier than grease due to all the baby oil we’ve slathered over her in attempts to get rid of glue and residue from equipment. Following the bed bath, Luke was able to hold her briefly while Mary Ellen changed her sheets: check out the gray elephants!

From rounds:

  • She continued to have residuals (5MLs, 8MLs, 2MLs, 5MLs) overnight and this morning, but feeding will continue. Today we’ll increase to 2MLs an hour today.
  • She’ll travel downstairs for part 2 of the HIDA this morning, and we hope to get initial results today. We’ll likely discontinue Phenobarbitol after the scan is complete.
  • Her respiratory rate is staying at 40, but we dropped her volume to 19. So she is now 19 over 6 with pressure support of 10.

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