23 Days Old: Daily Update


Today’s activity focused on three areas: (1) newborn fashion, (2) GI/feeds, and (3) cardiology.

(1) Mom doesn’t like headbands, but our nurse found this handmade piece (courtesy of the volunteer “Cuddlers”) in Olivia’s drawer and thought it matched her blanket so nicely that she’d give it a go. Mom still doesn’t like headbands, but thinks Olivia looks too cute to take it off. For now at least.

(2) The team removed Olivia’s NG tube today, as she hasn’t been tolerating feeds very well. It was replaced with an ND tube, which bypasses her stomach and delivers the feeds directly to the first part of the small intestine. She’ll continue receiving the drip of breastmilk through this tube, and we’ll see if it helps get her gut moving. The indicators as to whether or not this method is “working” better than the NG tube include: seeing more regular (and unassisted) stools, and avoiding both distention and spit up.

If the ND tube does work, the team would look to slowly increase feeds via this method, and begin to decrease her TPN. Eventually they would then try to transition more feeds through an NG tube (to reengage her stomach) and ween down the ND tube.

If the ND tube does not work (as indicated by distention, or spit up), the GI team has a number of subsequent tests to introduce that could better help us better understand if her GI track is built as expected, and where any malfunction may be occurring.

(3) We learned during this morning’s rounds that the nurses and doctors recently discovered a heart murmur. The murmur is inconsistent, but has been noticed on multiple occasions by different providers. An echocardiograph was ordered and performed this afternoon. We did have a fetal echo done around 22 weeks during pregnancy, and it looked normal, but we were reminded that it’s not always easy to see everything during fetal exams.

Other medical details (for those of you taking notes): daily Dornase has been discontinued, ventilator remains at  a rate of 35, 19 over 6 ,with a pressure support of 10, and labs will be drawn tomorrow as part of her new Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule, at which point we’ll get an updated blood gas, Phenobarbitol level, and bilirubin level.


  1. The headband is amazing. Don’t worry, Olivia, Aunt Bey will buy you all the headbands you want 😉 I like them too!!

  2. Whitney, your story today was very touching, it brought tears to my eyes. You both have been very strong and Olivia is a fighter. Please know you all are in our thoughts and prayers every day. We love you all.

    She looks adorable in her stylish headband.

    Aunt Susan

  3. Thinking of you 3 everyday and sending strength, hope and mostly love. Olivia is precious. You are the best parents ever! Love the headband on sweet Olivia!

    Aunt Susan and Uncle Russ

  4. G & G are loving you and your Mum and Dad every day. So glad that you are feeling better and liking all your new clothes. So glad we get a chance to read all about you every day now.

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