29 Days Old: Daily Update

Good morning and happy Sunday!

Olivia had a perfect night. Her good friend, Sydney, the overnight nurse, upgraded her crib and Olivia is now in new digs. Mom thinks her bedding is a little mismatched today, but that’s nothing that can’t be fixed. The new crib makes the room feel larger, and less medical, and because the sides come fully down we can get in real close for cuddles and hand holding.



No major updates on the medical side. Key items are:

  • She’ll reach her target of 15 MLs/hour of breastmilk today at noon. They will discontinue her TPN, the food she received via IV, tonight. Her new goal is 18 MLs/hr. A 1/2 tablespoon of Enfamil per kg will be added to her feeds to up her caloric intake, as her weight plateaued slightly over the last three measurements. No cause for concern with this action, as it’s standard protocol and a benefit of constant NICU surveillance. Changes in weight might also be attributed to change in measurement tools (they are using a different scale with the new bed), or extra breathing causing her to burn more calories.
  • Respiratory remains the same on the support side. They’re going to move her dosage of Albuterol and the saline nebulizer to every 12 hours, from Q4.

The Prior clan departed this morning for Maine, stopping by to tour the newly renovated grounds of Hotel Olivia before their departure.

Reminder: tomorrow is Mom’s 30th birthday!


  1. Yes its a Happy Sunday! Her new crib looks great! So good to be able to cuddle more and easier. We are all so happy she is doing so much better.

    Happy Birthday Whitney! Olivia is a wonderful gift.

    Have a great day. Love you all.

  2. Sweet Olivia looks so cozy in her new crib! And, the swaddle this morning was awesome. We will miss seeing you all and love you all so much. Love Nana💓 Keep up the great work Miss Olivia!

  3. Olivia looks so adorable in her new surroundings! Glad you all could spend some time with Olivia!

    Safe trip home!
    Love, Aunt Susan

  4. She is a little doll & looks more comfortable in her colorful crib. I love that she can see the toy hanging from the railing
    It is so good to see Jill, Mike & Abby with Olivia even though it through pictures. I hope Olivia was awake most of the time for you. Have a safe trip home

    Happy Birthday Whitney
    Love Mom/ Grandma

  5. That is a nice suite my little sweetie pie has and golf balls with her name on it!!! Moving on up!!!
    Whitney can dress her up with warm outfits to keep her nice and warm!!!

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