33 Days Old: Daily Update

Good morning. Here are today’s medical updates:

  • Feeds went up to 16 MLs/hr overnight. She had a great residual this morning, 3 MLs at 8 AM. We were in the 20s & 30s yesterday. She will increase to 17 MLs/hr today and go to 18 tonight. Olivia has lost weight in the switch from ND, so the supplements of pregestimil remain.
  • Direct Bilirubin is back up to 9.7 from 8.6 on Tuesday. No immediate concern, as the reading fits within the (slope of her) trend line.
  • Respiratory will remain the same today. Her blood gas was higher overnight and she’s had several desat events. This area started acting up towards the end of the day yesterday, despite a strong day on Tuesday.

Dr. C & team stopped by today to round. They were impressed with her OT performance. They expect results from genetics tests in mid-June.

Below are some photos from Mom’s morning holding session. We brought in a boppy today.





  1. Love the pictures! She is precious! We are all praying for continued great progress.

    Love you all,

    Aunt Susan

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