34 Days Old: Daily Update

Olivia had a good night, and is getting some holding time with Mom and Dad this morning.

She’s on a “lab holiday” today, meaning her usual tests/exams will be put on hold until tomorrow to give her a break. She’ll be getting her work up again in the early hours tomorrow following her Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday schedule.

Medical updates:

  • Feeds are going strong. She had small residuals most of the night (3-10), which means she’s processing all of her feeds well. We’re at 18 MLs/hr with 1.5 teaspoons of pregestimil/100 MLs. Note: I previously reported pregestimil as per kg, which is how they size other drugs; it’s actually per 100 MLs of fluid. Whoops!
  • Her supplements will be switched to vitamin D only for the weekend, as she’s been spitting up the other vitamins. They will reassess on Monday.
  • Respiratory was stable overnight. No planned changes for today.





  1. Great feeds news and respiratory news! May you all enjoy your lab break today! Love you all. Nana💓💓💓

  2. So So Adorable! She looks so much better and getting healthier. Lots of love from us. Enjoy your weekend with the family.

    Aunt Susan

  3. Sweet Olivia one little hiccup and a few steps forward! A natural fighter!
    That’s my little girl!
    Love you, mom and dad

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