35 Days Old: Daily Update


Olivia had a quiet night, and snoozed the night away cuddling with her lovie from cousin Wyatt. Today she’ll get a visit from the Guerrero clan: Grandma and Grandpa G and Aunt Lauren!

Medical updates:

  • Slightly rougher morning on the respiratory front. Nothing critical, but Olivia has been fussy for a few hours, harder to settle, and doesn’t seem to like any position she’s been put into. In addition, there were more desats (minor ones) and our nurse was getting a lot more secretions from her tube than normal. The team has ordered an x-ray to see if there’s any signs of collapse or atelectasis. That will most likely be taken within an hour or so.
  • Feeds remain the same, at 18MLs per hour, for at least another day. Residuals are still within bounds, but have been slightly higher (two checks were in the 20s), so we’ll give her a bit more time at this amount to ensure she continues to digest appropriate amounts.


  1. Update: The chest x-ray looked great, so we will just focus on keeping her lungs clear of mucus today. Lots of chest PT and suctioning.

  2. I love the picture with her lovie! So so adorable. Praying for a good day and continued progress.

    Love you all,

    Aunt Susan

  3. Glad to hear her lungs are clear. Love, thoughts and prayers to you all. She does look so adorable💞 Hoping things improve each day🙏🏼

    Love and hugs,
    Aunt Susan

  4. Having a weekend with Ava and Quinn at The Rangeway, so we are busy!! Thelma and Ava enjoyed recent photos and info on the little fighter. Billing and cooing all around, especially with OG’s arm around her baby! You are all in our thoughts and prayers, constantly, UN

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