43 Days Old: Daily Update

Good morning and happy Sunday!

Olivia did great last night with a new nurse, Meghan. She did a 3-hour sprint starting at 6 AM. She’s due for her next at noon.

No major medical updates or labs today. Feeds are increasing to 20 MLs/hr. Her sprinting schedule remains the same – 3x/day for 3 hours each.

Charise and Maccie will stop by today to say goodbye before hitting the road. Olivia and Meghan chose flamingos for the occasion.



  1. All sounds great. Hope you all had a nice visit! Love the flamingos! That hair as well!! Love, Nana💞

  2. Happy Sunday Olivia and mom and dad. You look adorable in pink! So happy you are doing so well. Love you all.

  3. Olivia, did you know some people stick pink flamingos in their yard and think they look really cool? But I think they look lots better on you❤️ Enjoy your company today!Keep up the fight and we’ll chat soon.
    Love to all,

    Aunt Susan….Oh, it’s raining here today, grass grows faster!!

  4. Olivia we have a new hair style today !
    You look so pretty and just keep on making progress. Love you

  5. Loving the hair do today!!! And those adorable pink flamingos 🌴🌴 three sprints a day – you go girl!!!! 💪💪

  6. What a hair do! I love how coordinated& fashionable you look, matching sheets, outfit, etc. with all your good progress you should be off that vent in no time! Keep up the good work
    I love you. grandma

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