46 Days Old: Daily Update

Good morning. Olivia made is through the night on CPAP. She had a few touchy moments but they cleared up and she slept relatively well for most of the night.

This morning she is doing OK. Getting her comfortable is the hardest part. She agitates quickly and recovers slowly. She’s been on higher O2 (40-50%) today, as we try to find positions to settle her out. She’s still on high rate and pressure support (remember, she is on the ventilator, it’s just blowing into her nose vs directly into her lungs). We suspect her lungs aren’t fully expanded (recruited). Fixing that is going to take some time and strength.

She is managing her secretions well and appears to be swallowing. This is an area we thought she wouldn’t do well in.

The plan for today is to continue to support her by any means necessary. Her current struggles are not enough to intubate again. The next couple of days could look a lot like today – where she slowly recovers, but with a lot of support. They’ll intermittently take blood gases to test her CO2 and x-rays to assess her lung recruitment.

Her feeds returned to the pre-extubation rate of 20 MLs/hr. She was doing well with them overnight, but she had some larger residuals this AM (46 MLs).


  1. I am routing for you Olivia, praying for your strength & comfort. Keep positive Mon & Dad, rest when you can

  2. Sweet Olivia. Praying for you to keep getting better! So thankful you had a good night. We love you !

  3. Hoping and praying for continued progress each day..no matter how small! Love, Aunt Susan 🙏🏼❤️

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