5 Days Old: Evening Update

Good evening. Updates from the day.

  • Olivia’s second EEG was normal. No more are needed and gear is removed.
  • Still continuing with the MRI, but not expecting much.
  • Her OT went well, showing improved range. We also learned she can suck – her and Whitney have been playing with the pacifier since.
  • She had a transfusion around 2 PM.
  • Her respirator is down to 20.
  • We had a consultation with Dr. P. She believes Olivia is stable and no longer critical from her birth events. She’s excited about her improvements. The cause of muscular and other development issues are not know – and it’s not likely just a time and development issue, but an underlying cause yet to be determined (e.g. genetics).
  • We continue to watch her improvements while waiting for more news. They will attempt coming off the respirator tomorrow.

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