56 Days Old: Daily Update

Extensive evaluations over the past 24 hours revealed the cause of Olivia’s hard week to be an E.Coli-based UTI. Exacerbated by her congenitally frail pulmonary system, the infection is presumed to have caused all that respiratory trouble and fatigue that’s been troubling her the past 5 days.

We’re excited to have this diagnosis. In our 56-day bout, we have yet to encounter a cause->effect->treatment chain of events. It’s refreshing to see our doctors know the issue and how to treat it.

They started her on a precautionary antibiotic treatment yesterday when they first suspected an infection. It will continue for the full cycle, ending tomorrow. If the regiment doesn’t do the trick, they will switch to a UTI-specific work-up.

Today, Olivia remains on elevated breathing support parameters to take the load off. Her feeds restart at noon. Her last feeding was 24 hours ago, so we suspect she’s hungry. We’re starting at 10 MLs/hr and going up by 5 MLs every 12 hours until we reach 21.

Otherwise, the Guerrero Grandparents and Aunt Lauren will visit today. All morning Olivia has been blowing big bubbles of saliva in an attempt to decorate the room for their arrival.

June-18-Morning and Awake
Dad, I’m exhausted.


  1. Thank you for the updates, Whitney. They are beautifully written, however heartwrenching. Luke’s posts are beautiful, too. We are all thinking of you, and wish we could do something to help you all. Olivia is a tough little fighter with the most amazing parents on this planet!
    Love, Aunt Nancy

  2. Sweet Olivia, we hope you feel better and the antibiotic does the trick! You are such a fighter and so precious. We are here for you all, anything you need and always in our prayers. Love you.

  3. So glad to hear the good news. It’s hard when you don’t know the reason for all the distress. This will be a very good day for Olivia and you and Luke, I just know it!

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