58 Days Old: Daily Update

There’s very little to share today, aside from a few of my favorite pictures from yesterday’s Father’s Day themed bed. Obviously, Olivia needed to let Dad know that she fully supports and shares his love of golf.

Today’s plan from morning rounds was to stay the course:

  • full feeds with supplemental formula, liquid protein, and now oral antibiotics (no more IVs)
  • same ventilator settings
  • lots of chest PT and suctioning, and
  • sessions with both PT and OT for some exercise and movement

As expected, having no food for a couple of days last week did result in a slight weight loss (3100g), but she was growing steadily before she got sick so we expect her to pick back up with weight gains soon.

57daysold_fathersday_DSC0784 57daysold_fathersday_DSC0789 57daysold_fathersday_DSC0798 57daysold_fathersday_DSC0804


    1. Saw Sara at Oak Grove and she wants you to know they are still praying for OG. I visit some old friends there, just to keep in touch.

  1. Well a slow news day is a good one! Love the golf sheets, glad she is getting the memo about golf early on🏌. Hoping the weight gain gears up again! Love, Nana💞

  2. Thinking of you all and hoping things go well this week! Precious sweet Olivia..we love you and Mom and Dad of course ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Sweet Olivia, glad you had a quiet day. Hope this week is full of positive results and happy moments. We love you all. Love the sheets! Uncle john does too.

  4. Today’s plan from morning rounds was to stay the course:were the golf references intentional? And Nana, “slow news is good news.” Very good. Saw Sara Sylvester last night at Oak Grove in Waterville and wanted to make sure they were praying for OG and she especially asked about you and Luke and your well-being. Also saw Fran Beck Dubord at Marden’s and she had not been aware of the situation. Their daughter, Emily works NICU in Portland.

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