60 Days Old: Daily Update

Uneventful and peaceful day in room 15. Olivia was awake all morning, first spending a couple of hours in Dad’s lap, followed a couple more hours out of bed in Mom’s lap. When we put her back in her crib for her 12PM care routine, she tolerated it nicely (with no respiratory events) and then stayed awake for most of the afternoon.

Since she was so alert – and not agitated or angry – we took the opportunity to try out a new mobile in her crib. Olivia has responded well to all of the toys that the child life and OT teams have provided for her crib, and she especially loves the mobile we introduced a month ago. But after listening to the same tunes, and looking at the same pictures for a month straight, we figured it was about time for a change.

Within seconds of installing this mobile, the girl was hooked. Absolutely captivated. She remained fixated on the toy for quite some time, before taking a snooze. Toy time is hard work!



Playing with new toys is exhausting!

In medical news: the additional labs that GI ordered yesterday came back within normal range, indicating that her overall liver function is okay, despite the elevated ALT and AST. We’ll continue watching these numbers each Tuesday, but for the time being, no action.



  1. You are so sweet miss Olivia. Glad your test results were good. So great you had a lot of mom and dad time today! They are very special! Sleep well sweetheart.

  2. OMG, what an angel, she looks so cute. I love the last picture where she finally knocks out!
    I love you all

  3. So glad to see Olivia likes her new toy! And a change of pace for Mom and Dad, too! Hope today goes well.

  4. Happy the new stimulation worked so well. Keep up the effort Sweet Olivia😘 Thinking of you all and sending love and strength!!❤️

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