7 Days Old: Daily Updates


Good morning! Olivia slept well overnight and they moved her back into a flat position. They started phototherapy at 8 AM to treat her jaundice. Her bilirubin is at 18 and her light level is 17. This morning we await updates on her right lung (following an x-ray), the status of her UA line (max they can keep it in is tomorrow), and the start of feeding (projected for the today and may help bring down the bilirubin level).


Update from rounds.

  • First series of genetics test came back all normal. This rules out Turner’s Syndrome and a number of other major genetic disorders. We await the micro-array results, which will reveal more acute syndromes. That may take a few weeks.
  • The UA is slated to come out today. After it comes out, Mom will be able to hold her for the first time. Feeding starts today as well.
  • Test results show that her direct bilirubin is very high now as opposed to her indirect bilirubin. This indicates that it there could be an issue with her liver, which is more common in babies with possible birth disorders. They will do an ultrasound to assess the structure of her liver. They were examined at birth and deemed “normal” but we’ll revisit it now given the high levels. Phototherapy may stop today, since it’s used to treat rises in indirect bilirubin (not direct).
  • Her right lung continues to be problematic. Morning X-rays showed improvements, however light pressure on that side caused stress for her this morning.


Pictures coming soon but mom got to hold her for an hour today skin to skin! It took her a minute to get settled but she did great. Dad fed her some of mom’s milk (via a tube) during the process. They both took a little snooze. Olivia was comfortable and peaceful throughout the process. It was awesome.


Update from the day. The highlight was about an hour of skin-to-skin time with mom. Mom and baby had a blast. She was fed 6 MLs of breastmilk but was only able to digest 3. They attempted another 6, but it was unsuccessful. They removed 9 MLs from her stomach and will try feeding again at 9:30 PM. If that doesn’t go well they will continue to decrease the amount given. Her UA is out, so one less line. Ultrasound on her liver happened around 4 PM, we await results.

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