78 Days Old: Gone to Heaven

This afternoon we said goodbye to our sweet, sweet Olivia, as she began her next big adventure: a journey to heaven.

Her passing was peaceful,  comfortable, and cozy, as she spent her last minutes cuddled in our arms. Yesterday she was held all day by family, and her final night and morning were spent playing, holding, and visiting with her favorite nurses.

We’ll have more on funeral services, photos, stories from mom and dad etc. later.


  1. Love you all so much. Sweet Olivia looked so beautiful and peaceful this morning. She is truly a blessing to us all and will always be in my heart.

  2. God’s greatest gift returned to God.

    She’s an angel watching over all of us.

    So grateful for every moment with her. She has forever changed each of us and certainly taught each of us about love, strength, and courage.

    Love to you all. Here for you always.

  3. My Sweet Olivia, you are now “free at last, free at last” from the earthly bounds that so limited you during your short temporal experience. I will see you in my dreams, you and I holding hands.

  4. A life so short…yet filled with such profound love. Rest In Peace, Sweet Olivia Grace. Thinking of you all and sending love and strength.❤️❤️
    Aunt Susan and Uncle Russ

  5. My heart is broken for you and your family but I know that Olivia is in Heaven doing all of the things she wasn’t able to do on earth. She will be with you always, until you’re reunited in Heaven. So much love and prayers. ❤️🙏🏻

  6. Thinking of all of you, and sending love.

    XOXO from Aunt Nancy, Craig, Kat, Sadie and Jamie

  7. Sweet Olivia, you are an angel. You have taught us all so much about love, courage and strength. You are now
    In heaven with God watching us all. We are praying for you all. Luke and whitney, God will help you through this time as he has all along. We love you all

  8. Whitney and Luke what I have learned about love and parenting from you and Olivia has changed me forever. Love you.

    1. A special candle lit this morning at Sacred Heart Church in Tampa helped light your way to heaven Olivia. You and your mom and dad taught us all about love, life, and strength. Please keep teaching us from your special place in heaven.

  9. My dear Olivia, you taught all of us to have the courage to survive. Your persistence beyond all odds to fight against every possible trauma is an inspiration to all.
    Doctors, nurses,families and friends admire your mental toughness.
    The impressive part was your mom and dad. They were always next to your side, everyday, encouraging you and looking for all possibilities to a solution.
    I will always cherish the moment of holding you , kissing your little forehead and cheeks, but most of all those beautiful eyes staring into my eyes. I love you my little sweet Olivia Grace, you are my hero!!!!!

  10. Many condolences from Ana, Rudy, and Elan. We are heartbroken to hear this sad news, but we know Olivia is in a better place now. We are all here for you, as well as in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers.

  11. Im so sorry. You two are wonderful parents and Olivia had all the love in the world the past 78 days. Biggest hug.

  12. I have fallen in love with Olivia Grace from afar. I’ve been praying and lighting candles for her for many months. I read every post and with each one my heart has grown. You both are amazing and your strength has spilled out on to me. Olivia was an angel on earth and now an angel in heaven. She will always have a special place in my heart. I will continue to light candles hold you all in my prayers. Much love, Anne Marie

  13. Luke and Whitney- my deepest and my sincerest condolences to you and your family. Olivia seemed like such a precious and beautiful gift to this world and I prayed for her ultimate recovery- I am so truly sorry for your incredible loss but can’t imagine Olivia having a better (albeit all too short) life then the one you two were able to provide her during her time on this planet. Love you both . Rest in peace sweet Olivia .

  14. oh my sweet, sweet little Olivia ❤️ no matter the number of days, know that I loved you your entire life and will love you for the rest of mine…forever is forever is forever.

  15. I love you so much, my dear Whitney. Sending you and Luke and the family so much love. My heart hurts for you. Love love, gib gib

    1. PS. You know our *lovely* Rachael is watching over her now. If there’s anyone Olivia could be with, it’s her.

  16. Heaven sends its sweet angels to us on loan. Its most special angels sent to its most special families. Sweet Olivia, so special, so beloved. The brightest star in heaven – she will shine in so many hearts, always.

  17. The Angels in heaven are welcoming Olivia with open arms. She showed us more heart than many do in a long lifetime. We share your sadness and grief, while admiring your courage and the strength of your love.

  18. Sweet, sweet Olivia. I am a better person for having known you. You taught us all so much about love and strength. Whitney & Luke we love you so much and you were so blessed with a beautiful angel.

  19. So many hearts are heavy with sadness today. You both gave miss Olivia a beautiful life that was filled music, books,deep discussions, play time, snoozes, the sky, flowers and so so much love. She’s left her mark on this world in you and all the people who love you. I am so happy I was able to meet her. We will all keep her with us in our hearts forever. We love you both!

  20. We are so very sorry for your loss. I know the love you shared will last a lifetime. David will watch over sweet Olivia in heaven. Thoughts & Prayers are with you!

  21. I’m so sorry, you are both amazing parents who gave sweet Olivia unconditional love every day. My heart breaks for you. Thinking of you and your family and your sweet little girl.

  22. Sweet little Olivia, many of us watched in awe as you fought your way through a tough battle and held on for much longer than many medical experts had predicted. You are a hero. Your mom and dad have written beautifully about your too short life, and as a result we felt close to you and even closer to them.
    The resilience with which your parents have stood alongside you is exemplary and today we are heartbroken. Your great fortitude will never be forgotten.
    Love from Isabelle, Chris, Charlotte and Anton.

  23. Dear Whitney and Luke, My heart is broken for you and your family but I know that Olivia was loved beyond words & had the best 78 days she could have possibly had. She was loved and followed closely by so many of us who weren’t able to meet her in person. Thank you for making us feel close to her by your beautiful words and photos. Sending you much love and prayers. She will forever be in our hearts. Rest in peace, sweet Olivia. Love, Beverly Ann

  24. Your little angel Olivia is now wrapped in the warmth of Gods arms. May you find comfort in the beautiful moments you were able to share with her until she peacefully made her way to heaven. She will forever run with the pink giraffes. Love and prayers.

  25. We all got to know that sweet fighter, Olivia, through your amazing blog. Hearts are broken, yet you have shown us all what compassion, unconditional love, and strength of character is. Olivia’s story touched us all and will stay with each of us, forever. Thinking of you at this most difficult of times. Love to all, Carol.

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