8 Days Old: Morning Rounds

  • Dr. S. isĀ in today.
  • She’s trying out a new position this morning, lying on her stomach.
  • She had a very active night and early morning. Her left lung was looking collapsed from overnight X-rays. They started her on Albuterol, which should help open her lungs. They also started Dornase to help with the secretions, which were high yesterday. This morning X-rays showed improvements, but pulmonary is still the primary concern for today. The team also noticed yellow secretions from the lungs, which is a possible sign of infection. They ordered blood tests – complete blood count (CBC) – that let’s us look for signs of infection via white blood cells. Those came back negative. They also ordered a C Reactive Protein (CRP), which was high (8) but not enough for concern. Her oxygen saturation levels are low – due to all the mucus plugs – so she is up to 46% O2. They are going to move her breathing tube up a little. They may due a few more techniques to attempt to clear her lungs.
  • Feeding has stopped, as they want to treat pulmonary first.
  • TBD on the results from the liver ultrasound. Other tests of her liver were OK.
  • She is off the phototherapy. Her indirect bilirubin count has come down, however her direct levels continue to rise which is concerning.

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