9 Days Old: Evening Update

Updates from the evening.

  • She received consistent pulmonary treatments today and her lung opened back up to 3/4, which is a big improvement.
  • Kidney related test results indicate that she does have SIADH (so, no kidney dysfunction, it’s just getting the wrong signals). After testing and consultation with the kidney specialists and the geneticist, they suspect that the SIADH was caused by her recent lung issues, and it’s likely a one-time issue rather than a more severe, chronic challenge.
  • They are bringing in a pediatric GI doc tomorrow to help diagnosis her liver issues.
  • Dr. F stopped by to take another look at her. He didn’t have an update, but he expects to have the micro-array results by the end of the week.
  • The MRI is rescheduled for tomorrow.
  • We’ll likely have a cross-team review of her case towards the end of the week.
  • Otherwise, today was a great day for Olivia. She had a fantastic nurse that kept her lungs cleared consistently.
  • She is back down to 21% O2 and was awake for a good portion of the day. This was the most we have seen her awake and active since birth.
  • She had an hour skin-to-skin time with both mom and dad, too.

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