9 Days Old: Morning Rounds

Good morning. No major updates to report this morning before rounds. Olivia slept well through the night and was really excited to see mom this morning. Her ventilator is on 36% o2. We’ll see what the plan holds for today. If she remains stable, we should have some more time skin-to-skin with mommy. More updates after rounds.

Updates following rounds:

  • The team is now looking into her kidneys, as test showed a drastic (and sudden) decrease in sodium. A pediatric renal specialist, Dr. R, will now be working with Olivia today. They suspect SI ADH (potentially an acute case resulting from the lung collapses, or a more severe scenario from her brain) or renal wasting (a kidney disfunction). Testing is ongoing and we expect updates today.
  • Her liver ultrasound was normal. They did not see blockage, but did see some sludge in her  gallbladder. Tests continue around the liver concerns as well.
  • Updates about both her liver and kidney symptoms have been sent on to the geneticist, Dr. F. We may expect a visit from him today or tomorrow – but likely not results.
  • Her left lung was completely collapsed in yesterday’s X-rays. A positioning change seems to have opened it up. They are calling this “roving atelectasis”, which means her lungs struggle based on “mechanical” things like position and mucus plugging. They may decide to do a full suction on her lungs depending on progress in coming days, but that has not yet been ordered. In the meantime, nurses continue to suction her tube as needed. Her next x-ray is scheduled at 4 PM.
  • The MRI is postponed, due to all these events.
  • The continued issues are concerning but may get us closer to understanding her underlying condition(s). Mom and dad are still positive. She continues to receive top tier care and attention.

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