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There have been many-a-talks lately about Olivia’s body temperature, specifically her ability to regulate her own temp without the help of a “warmer bed”. Technically speaking, Olivia was born full term, and now that she’s almost a month old the team doesn’t expect temperature regulation to be a problem for her. Or at least no more so than your average 4 week old newborn. And yet over the past few days the nurses have found her to be too cold during her assessment periods, and as a result they’ve resorted back to the warmer bed. So some of us on #teamOlivia are now on a mission to help her prove to the nurses that she’s ready for a crib upgrade.

Enter: baby clothes.

To date, we’ve kept Olivia in just a diaper for a number of reasons, including: her lines, her wires, and her leads. Not to mention the nurses needs to regularly assess her, her regular blood draws, and the fact that a certain someone hates, absolutely hates to be moved. Imagine trying to dress and undress a newborn with severe hypotonia and multiple PICC lines, who hates when any part of her body is moved. At least every 4 hours, if not more frequently. Doesn’t sound fun, and/or easy, does it? Hence why flying half naked in just a diaper has been the go to since birth. It’s been in everyone’s best interest, including Olivia’s.

But now it’s time. Time to dress the baby! Because sitting around in your diaper all day and night with just a couple of muslin blankets is sure to leave you cold every once in a while, right?

I am so excited. You have no idea how excited I am. Because, this:


Olivia’s closet at home is full of goodies, just waiting for her! And while we won’t be able to wear all of these adorable little things just yet, we’re going to give sleepers a try. Specifically sleepers with buttons (not zippers) to provide space for her lines.


  1. Hope the sleepers keep her comfy abd warm. She will look so cute in her new wardrobe. Love you all.

    Aunt Susan

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