How To Vacation After Loss


Take daily walks.
Touch the ocean at least once a day.
Drink water.
Cook meals consisting of only whole foods.
Read more than one book,
but watch TV if you want to.
Go to bed early.
Don’t set an alarm.
Be okay (not bored) with the simplicity of it all.
Enjoy the silence; don’t break it.
Stare at the sky for as long as you’d like.

See her, everywhere.
See her in the beams of sun, the blue sky, in the stars at night. In the birds and the dragonflies. See her in the seashells, and the shapes in the clouds, and the rainstorms. See her, everywhere, and say hi.

Hear her in the whistle of the wind, in the waves as they wash ashore. Hear her as the water rushes out to sea, running over the seashells, sounding like a thousand ringing bells. Hear her giggle and whisper “I love you, too.”

Listen closely. Listen to her tell you stories about heaven. About the friends she’s made, and the people she’s met, and all of the things she can do now. Listen to her tell you how strong she feels now. How free she feels, and how her arms and her legs wiggle with delight as she twirls and spins and dances in circles.

See her, everywhere. Hear her, and listen to her, and hold on to those sights and sounds. Keep them close and don’t let go.


  1. Beautiful and very touching. I think of her everyday and pray for her in heaven and you both. Hope you are doing well.

    Love you both and Olivia.

  2. Sweet Olivia, forever in your heart is where she belongs. Where it’s safe, warm and strong.
    Thank you for your beautiful writings Whitney.
    Love, Isabelle.

  3. Think of all three of you each and every day.💖

    Olivia is everywhere, each and every day. 🌺

  4. Sweet Olivia is there with you with every sunrise, every sunset. She is free now and running with the pink zebras. Thinking of you all everyday wishing you peace.

  5. You are so special, Whitney, to be able to express yourself with such intimate, beautiful feelings…a way of healing and being with Olivia. Grandma Ruby once said, “Just think of me and I’ll be there.” You will be there too with your Sweet Olivia❤️ Enjoy this time with Luke. It was even hotter than hot in Maine this past week..Moose Pond. Enjoyed Mike’s visit.

    1. Hi Whitney and Luke, Thinking of You Both Everyday and Sweet Olivia Always that she’s always in your Hearts and Souls and in Ours too! Whitney you are such a Beautiful Sweet Warm Soul inside and Out You Write and Express Yourself soooo Beautiful with All of your Inner Heart,We all Love Reading All of your Beautiful Writings we Appreciated Soooo Much Always Thank You soooo much May God Bless You, Luke and Sweet Olivia Grace Always!! We want You Both to Know that we’re here for You Both Always Take Care we Hope to See You and Luke Soon!! Whitney,Luke and Sweet Olivia Grace you are All in our Thoughts and Prayers Everyday WE LOVE YOU ALL ALWAYS,Auntie Annie, Uncle Rudy and Cousin Elan 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Thinking of you two today. I have another patient up here in my new job that is so much like Olivia. She will always be in my heart and be there to help me with other infants I encounter. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers still.

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