Leaving Town


Two days after Olivia’s funeral, Luke and I boarded a plane and left town. In the days immediately after Olivia passed away, we Googled locations, scoured sites for accommodations, and discussed why we wanted to leave town. We didn’t know where we were going yet, but we both knew that we wanted to go. Go somewhere, anywhere. Just go. But what did we want this trip to look like? What did we want to get out of it? It was important that we understood one another’s expectations for this trip, before making any final arrangements.

We both wanted to be somewhere quiet. Somewhere somewhat isolated. We wanted to do nothing, or anything… whatever pleased us most at any given moment. I had visions of riding a bike into a small town each morning to get coffee. Luke dreamed up a list of online classes that were of interest to him.

What seemed important to us both was to be away, to be quiet, and to be gentle on ourselves. To not make too many rules, and go easy on expectations. Be flexible. Do what felt right in the moment.

We’ve since made plans to ‘be away’ for two weeks. We’re in Florida, where it’s hotter than hot, but the sun’s been shining, and the storms give us quite the show each afternoon. We can hear the ocean from our bedroom, and take naps when we want to, and there are endless amounts of beautiful, serene things all around us.


  1. Whitney,
    This sounds like the perfect place for the two of you to be right now. As always, I am thinking of you.

  2. Whitney, I’m so glad that you two are doing this. I hope you are able to find peace in these quiet moments. Enjoy your break. Thinking of you. Love you. xoxo Beverly Ann

  3. enjoy the salt air, the quiet, the storms, the two of you and your memories of sweet Olivia. we love you so much

  4. I hope you have a very peaceful and fun time together away. Praying for you both and Olivia every day. Love you.

  5. Whitney, it sounds like a great place and I’m sure Olivia is there with you guys in the sun, the storms and the quiet moments. Much love.

  6. May the two of you brush the sand off your feet, wash the salt from your body, and make memories…thinking of the two of you and sending Olivia kisses up above. 😚

  7. Yes Wink….hotter than hot. I’ve been in Tampa for two weeks. Glad you have this time together. Hold your memories close to your heart and treasure the visits from Olivia. She is just a different energy now in our world and still such a part of you. I hope you come to see us soon. We miss you…❌❌❌⭕️⭕️⭕️

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