Pictures of Olivia

Never one to turn down a photo op, Mom insisted on taking pictures of Olivia at every chance possible. We documented nearly everything with our cameras, and are now so thankful to  have thousands of images from our short time with her. Pictures of her sleeping, pictures of her playing. Pictures of us holding her, pictures of her with our families and the friends who visited. Pictures of her receiving care from her favorite nurses, and even pictures of her en route to medical procedures and surgeries. Pictures of her experiencing things for the first time – outside air, fresh flowers, even a lollipop. Pictures of her. Just her. Looking around, looking at her toys, looking out the window. Looking right at us.

While her time with us was short, we now have these images to hold on to forever. Capturing every little detail. Her crazy hair, her musical fingers, her serious, inquisitive stare. Her raised eyebrows and funny faces. The beginning of her silly smile. Big yawns and crying faces.

We have so many memories and emotions captured in our photos. Here are a few of our favorite ones.

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