Room 15

Luke and I have spent the large majority of every day since Olivia’s birth, in the hospital, right by her side. Not a day has passed without us both being here. 52 days worth of driving to and from the hospital. 52 days of trying to catch the doctors’ rounds, caring for Olivia with her day nurse, greeting her night nurse at shift change, eating meals in (or around) the hospital. 52 days of heartbreaking goodnights as we leave to head home.

If Olivia has had to spend 52 days here, so will we. It’s been 52 days of stress and worry, but also 52 days of love, laughing at the funny things she does, soaking in the sweetness of our little Olivia, and making her surroundings our home away from home.

And neither of us would have it anyway, honestly. For any of you who are parents, that’s probably pretty obvious. Whether Olivia is here another month, or another 6 months, I cannot imagine letting a single day go by without one (or both) of us being by her side here in room 15.

So, room 15. Since the NICU comes with plenty of rules regarding visitors, and so many of you live far away, we thought it would be fun to share pictures of Olivia’s room with you. This way you can envision her day to day a bit better, and have a real vision in your head as your read about her journey.


View from the doorway
View from the doorway. Olivia’s crib and medical equipment are to the left, Mom and Dad’s space is to the right.
Our space. A couch and table that turns into a bed, a rolling desk so Dad can work remotely, a recliner chair, and closet.
From the other side
Nurses station, computer, Olivia’s crib, and machines
Peek at sleeping beauty
Books and books
Words of encouragement
Blankets, books, and baskets from home
The shelf beneath Olivia’s crib, where we store some of her clothes from home, sheets, diapers, wipes etc.


  1. I love how personalized and child friendly her room is. It looks so much like a baby girls nursery at home, plus some equipment, which even has fun colors and toys attached. 52 days is a long time, but I’d do the exact same thing. Each day with her, no matter where it is, is a gift. Way to go mom and dad. 😘❤️

  2. I love the tour! Thank you both for taking the time to share her surroundings with us. You have made it so homey and cheerful. It has been a stressful and scary 52 days. She is a beautiful gift and we know how hard its been for her and you both. Praying for continued progress and all our love to you all. Love you Sleeping Beauty!

  3. Room 15 is a special room where two loving parents are totally devoted and full of love to our sweet little Olivia.
    The toughest person that I have met or came across. My granddaughter never stop fighting !!!!

  4. Beautiful Whitney! You’ve really made her hospital room into a home for her and you guys. It’s really wonderful!

  5. You’ve made room 15 special for Olivia. She always looks so cute & adorable. Thank you Whitney
    Love Marie

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