Someone’s Feeling Better

Just in time for her first Father’s Day celebration, Olivia seems to be a bit more like her usual self today. She’s been on and off napping throughout the day (like all babies, right?) but when she’s awake, she’s awake! She also had a great blood gas, and low residuals, so we’ve decreased her respiratory rate and increased her feeds.

Fingers crossed that bout is behind us. Here’s our sweet girl, triple chins and all.

56daysold_DSC075256daysold_DSC0751 56daysold_DSC075856daysold_DSC0755


  1. Love those triple chins! So cute. I’ve been praying she gets thru this incident quickly and feels better. Just in time for a Fathers Day with her awesome dad! Love you all.

  2. Hello from your cousins in California! I spent two hours reading each and every post so I’m all caught up with Olivia’s progress. And I use this word appropriately because from day 1 to day 56, there’s tremendous progress 🙂 I am so happy she’s recovered from last week’s events. One foot in front of the other, slow and steady… Go Olivia!
    Love from Isabelle and Chris Hayden (and Charlotte and Anton).

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