14 Days Old: Morning Rounds

An update from overnight and rounds.

It was a tougher night for Ms. Olivia. Respiratory struggled and an x-ray revealed a collapsed right lung. Increased ventilator settings and position changes alleviated. AM exams indicate she has yet to fully recruit her right lung (i.e., she’s still recovering). In rounds, they discontinued direct positioning on her sides. They encouraged movement and upright positioning, resulting in an inclined bed and more time in mom’s arms. Chest PT will be increased to every 3 hours (Q3) and they’ve ordered a “buzzy” (buzzyhelps.com) for continuous lung stimulation.

Feeds suspended from midnight to 4 AM, as her stomach returned green colored residuals. They ruled it OK and continued at 4 AM. They will redraw residuals at noon to check again. Depending on progress, they may order medication tomorrow to help her digest. A suppository is in her future if she does not stool by 4 PM.

A lab update informed us that microarray genetics results came back negative. Dr. F has not stopped by yet to describe the results (they came in overnight). The results reconfirm mom’s prenatal tests, and rule out commonly known chromosomal issues. Doctors previously intimated that any genetic condition of Olivia’s could be of the very rare type. Additional genetic tests are pending.

Glucose levels rose slightly overnight but recovered on their own.  Her TPN will be adjusted down for glucose as a precaution. They continue to reduce her sodium levels as her kidney performance looks good.

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