72 Days Old: A Baptism, A Long Walk, and the 4th of July

Some days in the NICU are quiet days, and others are so full of activity and events and fun that it makes it hard to summarize in a single update to friends and family. Today was one of those days.

First, and most importantly, this morning we were joined by Father Mike from our church and Olivia was baptized. It was a short, but special ceremony, with just Luke, myself and our nurse Inna as a witness. We didn’t pick out a traditional baptism gown, but we did get Olivia ready in her best dress!

She looked like a angel. A perfect, little, sleepy angel.

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After the morning’s event, Olivia snuck in a snooze and a hold with Dad, before venturing outside for… get this… the 3rd day in a row! Late last week word began to get out that we were really itching for Olivia to see a bit of the world beyond her NICU room. The staff knew how much we wanted to take Olivia outside, and have graciously allowed us to do so every day this weekend. It takes extra equipment and extra staff, but with everyone on board it’s been such a gift.

We have some of the funniest pictures (and videos) of Olivia’s outdoor adventures, so we’ll share another post with our favorites soon. For now, here are some from today’s trip.


Olivia had even more visitors this afternoon. Mike and Jen met us outside and joined us for a stroll around the garden before a mini-meltdown made us decide to head back inside.

Jen came bearing gifts, which I’m going to keep as a surprise until the time is right to share them with you all. I’ll give you a hint: both items will help Olivia check off items from her bucket list! And by her bucket list, I mean, all of the things we want to make sure she experiences, despite being in the NICU.

Last but not least, since today is a holiday (and Aunt Bey’s birthday!), Olivia was subjected to another one of Mom’s holiday photo shoots. Per usual, she slept through the activity.

00_DSC0945 01_DSC0970 02_DSC0954 03_DSC0951


  1. What a great post! I love, love all the pics. She looks absolutely adorable in her little white dress. Happy 4th to you all. Love and prayers for a successful day tomorrow! 💞

  2. What a day! What a streak! So excited that you guys have been outside with Olivia 3 days in row. Congratulations!

  3. Beautiful Olivia was perfectly styled today! Her dress was perfect and she looses extra peaceful and angelic. The pictures of her enjoying the outside and being held outside by her most adoring parents are beyond perfection!!

  4. You are a little angel Olivia. Such a great day and weekend with mom and dad. So happy you were able to be outside. We are praying for Olivia and you both for tomorrow. We love you all.

  5. Sweet Sweet Olivia you look so Sweet and Beautiful in your White Dress on your Baptism and strolling in the garden with your Sweet Parents that Love You sooo much all the Pictures are Sooo Beautiful Whitney and Luke.We are All Praying for Olivia and you Both Tmow,We Love You All

  6. I love these pictures, especially with you all together. What a beautiful family you are. I enjoyed seeing you hold Olivia without something extra in between you. A beautiful weekend for a beautiful family!

  7. Sounds like Olivia had quite the day and holiday! Love that she’s able to get outside more and more. Keep the family pictures coming! Love you guys.

  8. The dress is just perfect with the eyelet hem. She looks so pretty! Looks like you had a lovely day for the Baptism.

  9. Changing the environment must be a happy time for all of you.🌳☀️Olivia sure looked feminine and pretty in her “best dress.” The best was you 3 sitting on the bench together…real family close together❤️ Thoughts, prayers and love to all. Thinking of you!!!

  10. Oh she looks so beautiful in her white dress for her baptism. And those sunglasses- so adorable! I love those precious outdoor photos of the three of you. Just love them. Kisses to you all!

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