40 Days Old: Daily Update

Olivia had a great night and a fun morning with Dad. While sprinting we jammed out to Yanni, then wrapped up with Rumpelstiltskin and The Little Engine That Could. I put her in pink flamingos for the festivities, check ’em out below.

Medical updates:

  • Respiratory. Sprinting sessions are ordered to increase to 2 hours, based on stellar performance thus far. We hope to make some assessments on the ventilator next week.
  • Feeds. Holding steady here – 19 MLs/hr, +1.5 teaspoons of pregestimil, +6 MLs of liquid protein. Tomorrow we may trial bolus-style feeding. Right now she’s on a continuous feed where milk drips into her stomach at 19 MLs/hr. Bolus-style feeding simulates her feeding naturally, giving her 76 MLs (4-hours worth) all at once.
  • Billy. Direct Bilirubin continues its slide down to 6.1 from yesterday’s 7.0. This is fantabulous. Sub-2 is the goal.



Note, the hose is pulling on her face in this photo. That’s why her right eye looks a little funky.


  1. Whitney and Luke
    I was away for much of your family’s challenging journey, sorry I didn’t write you sooner. Your parents have shared your story (and blog), I hope you don’t mind. We wish we could help you shoulder the weight of the highs and lows of each day in your family’s journey, unfortunately we can only keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Based on her story it is clear that Olivia is a fighter, we continue to cheer for her! We also pray that you and Luke can find solace in each other to help you care for Olivia, it is most important.
    Chip and Kathy

  2. Sounds so good! I love Olivia’s flamingos and her courage and increased endurance on the sprints!

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