22 Days Old: Morning Update

Good morning and happy three weeks, Olivia!


She had a quiet night in the care of one her loving night nurses. No major updates to her plan today.

Ms. Olivia remains on her 2 ML/hr regiment for feeds. She had ongoing and variable sized residuals last night. The core team is sticking to yesterday‘s recommendation: observe any effects of Reglan until Tuesday and then consider alternatives.  She did stool on her own (sort of) last night, something Mom is excited about.

No changes to respiratory and other systems today.

Mom and Dad plan to hold this afternoon. Aunt Lauren and Uncle Chris will stop by today before heading back home.



  1. We love you all and you are always in our thoughts and prayers. Love this site! Aunt Susan, uncle John and Erin and Katie. Can’t wait to meet you, Olivia. We are here for you Luke and Whitney.

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