31 Days Old: Daily Update

Good morning and happy 1-month, Olivia Grace! Mom will share photos from the celebration in a post later today. Olivia ordered up a cake for the royal occasion. She requested to be in the care of one of her favorite nurses today as well.

Tuesday’s medical updates:

  • Direct bilirubin number is down to 8.6. It’s great to see the continuous decline.
  • Feeds are at full force of 18 MLs/hr. Her PICC line scheduled to be removed today at around noon. This means no more IVs.
  • Breathing rate will be pushed down to 15 breaths/min, as they continue to ween her rates.
  • Hematocrit is up and red blood cells are close to normal ranges. Her Retic was up to 9.4%, so her body responded well and recovered on its own.

In hospital news, we had a Nurture Smart Mobile added to her crib yesterday. This should help with stimulation during her increased awake hours.

Mom got an early morning hold in, kicking off today’s festivities.



  1. Happy 1 month sweet Olivia. So happy with your progress. You look adorable in your cuddly clothes. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Hope the news continues to be great.

    Love aunt Susan

  2. Sure is wonderful to hear that things are improving each day. Way to go Olivia Grace! One month old…Happy, happy to you! ❤️Aunt Susan

  3. Keep getting stronger Olivia, I’m so happy you are. Mom & Dad keep up your strength, I know Olivia is felling it. Happy one Month I hope those feedings taste good in you tummy
    Love Mom / Grandma

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