34 Days Old: Daily Update

Olivia had a good night, and is getting some holding time with Mom and Dad this morning.

She’s on a “lab holiday” today, meaning her usual tests/exams will be put on hold until tomorrow to give her a break. She’ll be getting her work up again in the early hours tomorrow following her Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday schedule.

Medical updates:

  • Feeds are going strong. She had small residuals most of the night (3-10), which means she’s processing all of her feeds well. We’re at 18 MLs/hr with 1.5 teaspoons of pregestimil/100 MLs. Note: I previously reported pregestimil as per kg, which is how they size other drugs; it’s actually per 100 MLs of fluid. Whoops!
  • Her supplements will be switched to vitamin D only for the weekend, as she’s been spitting up the other vitamins. They will reassess on Monday.
  • Respiratory was stable overnight. No planned changes for today.





  1. So So Adorable! She looks so much better and getting healthier. Lots of love from us. Enjoy your weekend with the family.

    Aunt Susan

  2. Sweet Olivia one little hiccup and a few steps forward! A natural fighter!
    That’s my little girl!
    Love you, mom and dad

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