36 Days Old: Daily Update

Good morning.

Medical updates

  • Respiratory. Today we’re starting a “sprinting” regiment. Her rate support will be completely shutoff for 30 minutes so that she has to breathe completely on her own. She’ll still get pressure support as she’s breathing through a little air tube. She’ll do this 2x a day to gain strength and demonstrate whether she can be off the vent. Here’s a picture of her sprinting!36daysold-firstsprint
  • Feeds. Olivia continues to leave large residuals that flirt with the limit (36 MLs). We’re adjusting her Reglan dosage up slightly, corresponding to her weight increases.

Olivia will get to see her Guerrero Grandparents and Aunt today before they head back home. She dressed in her bees for the occasions.





  1. Great Olivia! Praying for you. Love you and mom and dad very much. You look adorable in yellow!

    Love Aunt Susan

  2. Intervals … Not so fun but great training! Go, go, go…rest, recover…go, go, go! XO, Sally, (Coach) Pete & Ella

  3. That’s awesome! She is a fighter. Love you Olivia! God is watching over you.

    Love aunt Susan

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