6 Days Old: Daily Updates


Good morning. No major morning updates. They gave her a diuretic yesterday to help with all the extra fluids she got from the transfusion – it worked and she came down 180 grams. Bilirubin is high, which is expected given the birth trauma, and she may undergo UV treatment tomorrow. Otherwise, all looks well. She looked liked she had a good night’s sleep.

10:18 AM

Morning update! She’s going to try coming off the ventilator today. This should happen this morning. Feeding from mom could start this evening if it goes well. MRI will be Sunday at the earliest, as they want to see how her respiratory changes go first. Her arterial line may come out tonight, also depending on respiratory progress. We continue to monitor bilirubin levels, but there is no treatment planned yet (intentionally). Dr. S and P will be in this Saturday to check on her. Everything else looks good.


An update: removing the respirator was unsuccessful and Olivia is back on the ventilator. They tried a few different methods, but ultimately she was exerting too much energy to maintain the necessary lung expansion. The good thing is she knew to breathe. She was off for about an hour total. We heard the faintest hint of her voice in the process. She is now sedated and sleeping. They will try again next week (date TBD). In lieu of today’s respiratory “failure” the team will focus on feeding as her next goal. Olivia got a visit today from Troy Lichten, who stopped by to say hi on his birthday.


Good evening. No major updates to report tonight. She awoke from sedation and was alert for a little before going back to sleep. She did make an effort to pee on mom. X-rays still showed her right lung as partially collapsed (something noted before). She is propped on her left to alleviate pressure on the right lung tonight. OT didn’t happen today due to the difficulties she had with the respirator. Feeding is on the docket for tomorrow, along with a visit from the Guerrero clan.

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