65 Days Old: Daily Update

We had a great weekend with Olivia. Friday was full of new activities, and Saturday was a nice long day with Mom and Dad. We had lots of girl time, which Mom soaked up. Sunday started off on a good note as well. We visited for a couple of hours in the early morning, before stepping out to celebrate our goddaughter’s baptism. Hi Emma!

Sunday evening Olivia started having more respiratory events, which continued throughout the day today. Last time her events started acting up like this, we later realized she had an infection… so the team was concerned that she may be getting sick again.

We ordered an x-ray, loads of blood work, and a urine sample this morning, but all initial reads look normal. Since she’s continued to struggle a bit today, Dr. P is recommending we increase her ventilator support overnight to let her rest and ensure she has fully recruited both lungs.

Not a ton to share otherwise. We’re still waiting for her biopsy to be scheduled, and in the meantime are hoping she starts to feel better soon. Watching your little one fuss and cry and struggle all day is no fun!



  1. Outfit change since I left you!! So great to see you today, to hold your little hand, kiss your little head, and even comb your hair!! Rest up. See you tomorrow. Love, Nana

  2. Such an adorable outfit Miss Olivia! Hope you get a nice long snooze in tonight so that you are feeling better tomorrow 😘 Miss you and think of you non-stop 💗💜

  3. Sweet Olivia, love your outfit! Hope you feel better and your lungs get stronger. So glad you had a great weekend with mom and dad. Sleep well sweet pea. Love you all.

  4. You look so comfy sleeping, Olivia! Wishing you a better breathing day tomorrow! Sending lots of love and strength to you.Love, Aunt Susan💞

  5. I hope you feel better soon, you look so lovely when you sleep, your outfit looks adorable Thank you for being such a good mommy Whitney. I am glad Nana is with you both

  6. Hi my little butterbean! All my prayers and all my love is with you. God make you breathe easy real soon. I can’t wait to play and sing and kiss you when we meet.

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