11 Days Old: Morning Rounds

Good morning. Updates from rounds.

  • She was stable over the evening.
  • The roving atelectasis continued, with her right lung showing partial collapse¬†in an overnight X-rays. Shifting her position appears to help. They continue her two lung medications.
  • Her feeds (mom’s milk) are delayed to let her continue to show signs of progress. She is back on TPN and lipids and her total fluids are increasing tonight (good).
  • The renal issue appears stable and they will continue to monitor (good).
  • We await liver tests. Her direct bilirubin continues to rise. They are starting phenobarbital as a treatment.
  • Official results from the MRI showed¬†that she had bleeding inside the skull from birth trauma (previously suspected only between skin and skull). This is recoverable and not causing any harm. She showed signs of a stroke during birth, which is also expected to be recoverable.

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