15 Days Old: Morning Rounds

Good morning and happy Mother’s Day!¬†Overnight Olivia was great.

  • She continued feeding, leaving no residuals.
  • Initial results from this morning indicate that her direct bilirubin level is down! It’s still high, at 14.2, but had been continuously increasing, a sign that it wasn’t being processed.¬†We await rounds for further and formal interpretation.

Following up from rounds. No major updates to her plan for today.

  • She will stay at 2 MLs/hr today on her feeds and increase tomorrow.
  • As previously reported, bilirubin came down and that’s a good thing. They hope it continues to fall.
  • Respiratory is relatively the same. They will attempt to ween ventilator settings today, however slowly.
  • Momma should get some holding time today around 2 PM.

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