24 Days Old: Evening Update


Olivia had a busy day. She got visits from GI (our friend, Megan), cardiovascular (Dr. Porter and his fellow), OT (Meg), and neuromuscular (Dr. C).

Dr C. and team came by to let us know we’ve been approved for the specific genetic testing she ordered. We signed off on the paperwork and they’ll draw the blood tonight. They’re using MNG Labs. She’s going to call the lab at the end of the week for a timeline.

The cardiovascular team came by to explain her VSD. We learned that it’s in the muscular region of her lower chambers. This means she could out grow it as muscle in her heart forms. The team was extremely thorough in their presentation to us. Apparently, Mom and Dad have a reputation for asking a lot of tough questions.

Mom got some swaddle time in with Ms. Olivia to wrap up the day.

Finally, in other news, Dad is back on vacation from BN. I’ll probably write a little more on this later, but, in short, I want to spend time with Mom and Olivia while we figure things out. Work was extremely accommodating.


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