17 Days Old: Evening Rounds

Updates from the evening. And, yes, you’re back to your original recorder. Mom’s doing such a fantastic job that her fingers needed the night off. Overall, Olivia had a peaceful day.

Respiratory wise, she had a handful of minor “desat” events. Fortunately, none were as severe as prior incidents. Her ventilator settings stayed the same today, varying only O2 levels corresponding to the events.

Her feeds stayed on 2 MLs per hour, after giving back 8 MLs at noon and 10 MLs at 4 PM.  We can’t seem to get over that hump. Tomorrow will likely include an order for medications to improve “motility” (her digestive system working), since she hasn’t made progress in this area.  Today, when discussing the possible action of medication, they suggested that she may just need something to help jumpstart her digestive track.

A midday team meeting yielded a decision to cut her phenobarbital intake in half.  This was based off continued progress in the war on bilirubin and input from OT (Meg) that Olivia isn’t as alert as she was prior to starting medication. (Phenobarbital has sedative properties.) This is good news.

Otherwise, Olivia had a visit from Mike Garsin this evening. She opened her eyes for a few seconds to say a brief hello. While Mike visited Mom spent some time trying to groom Olivia’s mane, but finally succumbed to the fact that our girl has a mean mullet.

Our “meal train” tonight included a hearty lentil soup, courtesy of the Eagle family.

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