17 Days Old: Morning Rounds

Updates on Olivia:

Luke and I stayed at the hospital pretty late last night, as Olivia continued to have desat events that worried us.

During a more severe event, the nurse and a respiratory tech thought it sounded like both of her lungs were “very tight” (collapsing), so they called in Dr. P who is now doing night shifts. She spent some time with Olivia, and found a new position that didn’t “cut off her trach” as much. In addition to a new position, they increased her pressure support to 7. Since the pressure support change last night, Olivia’s been doing well. Nervous mom gave the NICU a late night call to check in and was relieved to hear she had been doing well since we left, “sat-ing” near 100% and sleeping.

In this morning’s rounds an xray from 4AM showed that Olivia likes this new pressure. Both of her lungs looked open, one slightly less than the other, but still a great picture to see. Because she’s responding well to the new setting, the respiratory plan for today is to keep things where they are and give her some time.

Direct bilirubin is down to 11 from 14 yesterday. The continued decrease is good news, but we still have quite a ways to get down to the goal of 2. Despite the steady decrease, the GI team would still like to move forward with the HIDA scan, however Olivia’s primary team is not ordering it just yet. The scan requires that she be transported multiple times in a single day, and given her fragile respiratory state the team does not want to risk having any events during transport.

Feedings will continue throughout the day. If she has less and less residuals at each change today, they will increase to 3MLs an hour. If she shows high residuals, they will consider a motility medicine. Still no stool, so she’ll be getting a suppository at the 24 hour mark since her last one.

In other news:

The meal train delivery last night was amazing. Delicious pasta dinner with a spicy bolognese sauce, cheese, and a loaf of bread. Plus loads of goodies. More coffee, creamer, fruit, breakfast drinks, muffins, candy, wine… and more. Thank you to the Fox ladies!

I was extra tired this morning so I slept in a bit and Luke headed into the hospital solo at our normal hour. Olivia was wide awake and waiting! Despite my best efforts to wash and comb her hair yesterday afternoon, it looks like she’s got quite a case of bedhead today…


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