16 Days Old: Evening Update

Not a ton of updates from today.


  • Olivia had a handful of quick desats today, similar to what we learned occurred last night. These moments are scary for mom and dad, but the nurses handle it well. On two occasions she required extra support from the green bag, but all other instances were handled with a brief increase in oxygen or a good suction.
  • Despite a tougher day, Olivia has been doing great since around 3PM. She had a great blood gas that resulted in her respiratory rate decreasing from 50 to 45, and she’s been resting comfortably on room air for a few hours.


  • Continuous feeds continued all day, despite small residuals and no poop since 9PM last night. The team has kept her at 2MLs per hour. We hope she tolerates the feeds well tonight, so they will increase her total volume of breastmilk tomorrow.

In other news:

  • Luke began transitioning back to work today. He worked from the hospital so that he was never too far away, and took calls from the lounges, lobbies, or library.
  • Our friends from around Pittsford started a “meal train” today. This is an incredibly kind gesture – a different family will be preparing and delivering a dinner for us each night of the week. One less thing on Luke’s and my mind, and a constant reminder that we are surrounded by wonderful family and friends. One small hiccup in today’s delivery: we forgot to turn off the house alarm, which resulted in a “burglary” status, a number of missed calls from ADT, and a visit from the local police department. Whoops!

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