4 Days Old: Morning Rounds


Morning update before rounds:

  • Warming started at 4:30AM and will end around 10:30AM.
  • She is off insulin as of around 11 PM.
  • They increased TPN
  • Respiratory rate is back down to 35 and she’s breathing over it still (good – she’s breathing around 55 breaths per minute).
  • Platelets are down again this morning (they check them once a day) to 76 they were at 88 yesterday. Coagulation (ability to clot) came down corresponding across the board (a good sign for drop in platelets). Normal for platelets is 160 – 370, however they are not taking action unless under 50. Right now they are viewing the drop as a positive thing.
  • Also, update on mom. She is producing well! Making lots of milk. She slept really well last night too. It was good to be in our own bed.


Morning meeting just came through, and no major changes in the plan.

  • Warming continues.
  • Neurological tests will likely be tomorrow.
  • They are no longer monitoring coagulation (testing if she is clotting) as it looks fine, and it is one extra blood test. They are not concerned about platelet counts despite the drop. They said she had a high count when she arrived so they don’t think it’s genetic.
  • No update from genetics.
  • Respiratory performance is improving but not yet strong enough for her to come off.
  • PICC line is coming in today. Timing TBD.


  • After two more tries, the PICC line is finally in!
  • She’s also off the cooling blanket at this point.
  • She’s taking a little snooze now as she’s had a big morning.


Not many evening updates.

  • They removed one of the umbilical lines (UVL) since she has the PICC.
  • She looks tired from a long day of poking. She is sleeping.
  • Nothing planned for tonight other than snoozing.

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