5 Days Old: Morning Rounds


Good morning. Updates from the evening.

  • Olivia is looking a little better in terms of color, but has continued signs of jaundice.
  • Breathing continues to improve, her respirator is down to 25/bpm and 21% O2 (down from 35 & 23).
  • She was weighed overnight and is now at 5 lbs 14oz, which is up from her birth weight of 5.1lbs. The weight gain however is attributed to her being on fluids and edema (retaining fluids).
  • Platelets are slightly up to 80, from 76 yesterday.
  • She did well while her legs were propped in a stretched position overnight.


Quick update: Olivia got a surprise visit from Paul Lucas this morning. He flew up this morning (mom and dad didn’t know either). He hasn’t been let in yet due to visiting hours, but baby Olivia looks excited.


Morning update.

  • Today is going to focus on steps to get off the ventilator. They dropped her respirator values again and will make an effort to see if they can get her off today or tomorrow. They said the first time might not be successful, but it doesn’t mean she can breathe on her own.
  • They are doing another transfusion, as she is more anemic due to a variety of reasons including the amount of blood they were drawing. They are describing this a “maintenance” action (vs corrective).
  • They will do another EEG today. A consult with the doctors and Dr. K suggested that they are not expecting much due to how positive her first scan was.
  • MRI is expected on Monday.
  • OT is coming by around 4 PM today.

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