16 Days Old: Morning Rounds

Olivia had an okay night. She had a few “desat” episodes where her oxygen saturation levels briefly dropped into the 60s. In each case, she recovered quickly after an increase in oxygen. She also had some residuals from her feeding, but not enough to raise major concern, and feedings will continue as usual. And in good news: she pooped! The night nurse administered a suppository around 6PM yesterday, so that likely helped move things along. At this point, she’ll receive a suppository again if she does not stool on her own after 24 hours.

This morning we arrived to her numbers looking great, and her breathing room air. She looks cozy on her tummy, and has her favorite nurse looking after her for the day. Meg from OT will come by at either 12 noon or 4PM for range of motion exercises.

Other updates from morning rounds:

  • Her direct bilirubin came down. This is the 2nd day in a row we’ve seen slightly decreased numbers, which is great. This morning it was at 13 down from 14 yesterday. Doctors assume the decrease is a combination of her Phenobarbital and the introduction of breastmilk.
  • Her weight is up slightly to 5 lb 11 oz.
  • Feeds will remain the same today: 2 MLs every hour. If she continues to have residuals and trouble pooping on her own we may talk about additional medicines later this week.
  • Olivia’s primary team is going to consult with the GI team today to discuss whether we should order a HIDA scan this week.
  • Still planning for the pediatric neuromuscular specialist to visit and assess Olivia this week. We’re hoping that takes place Wednesday.

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