59 Days Old: Daily Update

Another short and sweet update.

Olivia’s weight today is 3165g, up 65g from her last weight. While she’s back on track in terms of gaining, Olivia’s been pretty pukey the past couple of days. This may or may not be a lingering symptom of last week’s infection and subsequent antibiotic regiment. We’ll see if her stomach and motility issues continue in coming days.

In other news: her direct bilirubin is down to 1.3, but ALT and AST are elevated, and continue to climb week over week. The GI team came by this afternoon and although they are quite pleased with the direction of her bilirubin, they ordered 2 additional tests to evaluate overall liver function.




  1. Hope you feel better sweet Olivia. You are cute as a button. We love you all. Praying for you too.

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