13 Days Old: Morning Rounds

Updates from the morning & rounds.

  • Olivia continued to progress with feeds: giving back a net 2 MLs in a check last night and nothing this morning. They will increase her to 2 MLs per hour. She also had a stool last night, which means she’s digesting. At her current age and weight the goal is to get her to 15 MLs an hour. Getting from 2 to 15 MLs an hour will take time but they’re continuing to closely to monitor her tolerance for feeds and will increase volume when appropriate.
  • Overnight her CO2 levels increased slightly and they adjusted her pressure support accordingly. They continue to look for opportunities to ween back on this. Her X-rays do look better but they need to wait for the next round of blood analysis before adjusting the ventilator.
  • Bilirubin increased slightly overnight. The rate of increase is lowering, which is positive, however we are hoping for a decrease in total amounts, especially direct bilirubin.
  • A bunch of tests came back normal so they continue to rule various conditions, helping us to focus our search for a diagnosis.

Some good and some bad updates today, but mom and dad are really excited for the feeding progress. We hope it continues.

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