13 Days Old: Evening Update

Update from the day.

  • Feeding paused after a mid-day check showed she was not digesting the volume being given. They refed her residuals so it will remain in her stomach, and they’ll check again at 8:00 PM to see if she has digested more. If she digests what was fed back, they’ll restart feeds accordingly.
  • Neuro informed us they are waiting on a pediatric neuromuscular specialist to assess Olivia, since she is a non-standard case. The specialist returns on Wednesday. We are holding until then.
  • The GI team updated their testing plan to include a HIDA scan. This is an assessment of the flow and functioning of her liver. This testing uses radioactive traces that act like bilirubin to map the flow of digestion. Since it’s a complex test and requires transporting Olivia multiple times, the core team may recommend holding this until after neuro weighs in.
  • Respiratory remained the same.
  • Olivia had some holding time with momma. She otherwise was asleep most of the day.

No other major progress or declines today. This weekend will likely continue to focus on feeding.

Finally, her NICU core team is switching under the care of attending. Dr. S’s rotation ends tonight. The transition started today. Dr. P rotated off as well, replaced by fellow Dr. M, however, she is covering nights this coming week and will continue to monitor Olivia.

Update: the 8 PM review found she had processed 5 MLs of breastmilk (and returned only 3). They are restarting now, and adjusting for the difference. That’s good news!

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