26 Days Old: Daily Update


Olivia had a peaceful night.

Round updates:

  • Direct bilirubin values came down a smidge since Tuesday and are now at a flat 10.0. We’re hoping for single digits on Saturday’s read. Ursodiol starts today.
  • The low hematocrit noticed on Tuesday is up slightly to 27, which is good. Retic rate is still high at 4.9, so her marrow is producing red blood cells to counteract.
  • Feeds bumped up overnight to 6 MLs/hr and 7 at noon. Olivia is now on “protocol,” and her feeds will increase 1 ML every 12 hours until she’s at 15 MLs/hr. She should reach that level by Sunday.
  • Her vent settings are going down again to 20/bpm, as they continue to ready her to come off. If all goes well, they will make an attempt again on Monday or Tuesday.

In other news, Hotel Olivia is slated for crib upgrades. Guest feedback indicated a lack of stimulation on the grounds. Given the average age of occupants has increased to almost one month, management, at the recommendation of OT, decided to make some investments in this area. Constructed is expected to start this week.

Olivia was excited to learn that Grampa Prior and Nana will be coming to visit her tomorrow. She asked if she could go diaper shopping for the occasion. Unfortunately, nursing said, “no, not yet”. Olivia grimaced, soiled a fresh set of pampers, and promptly went back to dreaming about elephants.

Otherwise, Mom will do some errands today and get out of the hospital. Daddy-daughter time includes a few poolside books and some warm milk.


    1. That’s correct – out of the Giaraffe.

      TBD on when, as she just had a low(er than expected) body temp at her noon changing. The regular crib doesn’t have heating like the Giaraffe does. She’s not in clothes or anything to keep her warm, so they’re going to watch her temp for a bit and make another assessment.

      1. Great news dad! so glad she is doing better. Hope her elephant from Aunt Susan is close by and is good company! She and you both are always in our prayers and thoughts. We are here if you need anything. Love you all.

  1. See you three tomorrow. Will text 30 minutes or so out to check on status etc. thx again for the update. Love the idea of Hotel Olivia upgrade!

  2. The elephant you got her sits on the chair in her room – might get moved with the crib upgrades 😊 – it’s really soft and cute!

    Sweet dreams to sweet Olivia 🌟💫🌙

  3. And don’t forget…I’M COMING TOO 🤗 Hope your poolside lounging was relaxing…can’t wait to see you all! ❤️

  4. Fun pic of Olivia getting those arms overhead for the podium. Thanks for sharing her story and yours on the blog. Much Love from Colorado, Pete, Sally & Ella

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