28 Days Old: Daily Update


Good morning. Olivia had a great night. She was dressed overnight by her nursing friend, Danielle, in a hospital onesie. While cute as could be, Mom has other plans for her attire.

Dad came in early for another father-daughter session. Olivia bemoaned the idea of weekend schoolwork, so we put the books aside and she slept peacefully in my arms. She has been fantastic these past three days with movement in and out of her bed. Previously such an action would have sent her off in a downward spiral of desat events and the like, leaving her exhausted and frustrated from the attempt. It’s a treat to get so much holding time with her.

Medically, the following updates came in today:

  • Bilirubin is down to 9.7 from 10.0. She’s single digit now, and Dad is proud.
  • Respiratory stays the same today. Her progress is great and they’re going to let her rest without making more tweaks.
  • Feeds are up to 11 ML/hr and growing 1 ML q. 8. She’s still projected to be at her goal of 15 by Sunday.

Arbiters from both sides met again this morning on Hotel Olivia construction topics. An accord was reached to monitor her temperature changes today whilst fully clothed. If all goes well, the crib should be in tomorrow. Olivia had no comment to the resolution.

The Prior clan will drop in again today to play with Olivia. Here’s a picture from their arrival yesterday.


Yesterday a friend of Dad from Oak Hill delivered 2 cases of Olivia monogrammed golf balls. Check ’em out!



Finally, on the administrative side, a few fans reported issues with signing up for email notifications. Dad’s has found and fixed the sign-up page, so it’s working now. If you’ve subscribed and are not getting notifications, please subscribe again or leave a comment here (or text me) and I’ll add you manually.


  1. She is so cute! So glad you are getting to hold her so much more and she is improving so much every day. She is an angel.

    Love aunt Susan and uncle john.

  2. I’m sure Miss Olivia loves her special Daddy time in the morning! 💋

    Love the golf balls – so thoughtful! ⛳️🏌

    Hi to the Priors!!! 👍🏼

  3. Hi Mike, Jill and Abbey. Sweet Olivia is making progress and that’s a wonderful thing! Olivia will look so sweet in her clothes. Love to you all and prayers for Olivia Grace’s progress🙏🏼❤️
    Those old balls are great!
    Love, Aunt Susan

  4. Jill, Mike & Abby, you look great w/Olivia. I hope you all get lots of awake time with her
    Luke I love those golf balls.
    I can’t wait to see you all again
    Love, Marie

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