Wise Men Say

I follow a couple of NICU parents online, and one of the dads recently created an incredibly sweet, short video clip to the tune of Can’t Help Falling In Love. Well I fell in love with their family’s video, and stole all of his creative juices. I literally created the same thing, except with clips of Olivia and scenes from our room.

I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I do, and perhaps I’ll start sharing more like it.


  1. Whitney, that was very special. It was awesome to see her move her hands and get a feel for the day to day with Olivia. She has great care and is blessed with you both. Love to see more. Thank you.

  2. That was just lovely — so good to see her moving, makes us feel as if we were there. Olivia is just a beautiful girl!

  3. You go girl!! We were at Ava’s dance recital yesterday and she did a great job. Her groups first dance was accompanied by Third Days “Soul On Fire.” Very inspiring as most of those in attendance seemed to know it. Then there was a vocal duet sung by students and I think the name of it was “Because I Know You” The gist was that the two of them were better people because… It was inspiring, as is our little bundle, OG, we are better for knowing her. Praying always for you all, UN

  4. This is so sweet and beautiful. I love her. Please upload more. I love her sweet little hands moving. Wish we lived closer ….

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