32 Days Old: Daily Update

Good morning. Olivia had a great night. We found her changed into new gear overnight, after pooping all over her outfit from yesterday, so today it’s hot air balloons.


Overnight Olivia did great with her new NG tube (see our update from yesterday on the ND->NG change). She had residuals (undigested milk in her stomach)) of 22, 17, 15, & 24 MLs, measured on the four-hour mark. She’s currently on 15 ML/hr regiment, so she’s digested over 200 MLs via her stomach already. Note: it dropped from 18 when switching to NG feeding, as 18 MLs was a lot for her little stomach to handle at once from a cold start.

In all the fun transitioning from ND->NG yesterday, she missed a bit of feeding and lost 40 grams overnight. They are increasing her pregestimil to 1 & 1/2 teaspoons per kg (up from 1/2) to give her more calories. She will remain at 15 MLs/hr rate during the day. It will increase 1 ML/hr every 12 hours starting at 1 AM EST.

Although she had one of her best blood gases this morning, there are no changes to her ventilator settings today. Her main goal is progressing on NG feeding, so no distractions necessary.

She’s been in Mom and Dad’s arms since 8 AM.



  1. Thank you for providing these updates, Whitney and Luke. All of you have been on my mind every day. I am sending thoughts and prayers your way. I had dinner with Jamie and Craig last night and they, too, are thinking of their little baby cousin Olivia and sending her hugs. XOXO

  2. So glad to hear her feedings went well. Her OT report was very well done and she has improved so much ! She looks so precious in her clothes. Prayers and thoughts for all of you. Love aunt Susan

  3. Poops are great! 💩

    Great progress with the milk directly to her stomach today! Go OG!! 🎉

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